Alexandria Virginia Drug Laws

The obedience to the law is one of the key responsibilities of citizens of a country. Likewise, it is a position of responsibility to obey and act as per what Alexandria Virginia Drug Laws require the citizens related to the use and transportation of drugs in the city. Alexandria Virginia Drug Laws are very harsh, and straightforward. The laws of city related to the drug have different penalties according to the type and amount of drug possessed by an individual. Besides this, there are a number of controlled or prohibited substances, which you can find by visiting the U.S. Department of Justice. However, Alexandria Virginia Laws are tailored to different sections, which present the controlled substances. In order to resolve your drug-related legal obligations and complications, our lawyer is available.

Meanwhile, Alexandria Virginia Drug Laws can come into action, if any person possesses the controlled substances, manufactures the controlled substances, and distributes the controlled substances within Alexandria. There are different legal articles, which carry certain obligations related to the exchange, consumption, or possession of drugs throughout the city. These laws can put you in a great danger because you would be required to make payment of a fine and go to jail for a certain period. However, drugs provide relaxation and enjoyment to you; therefore, we through certain laws can help in preventing you from jail time and fine payment.

Section 18.2-248.01 is applied when a person transporting controlled substances into Alexandria, Virginia with an intent of selling, and distributing at least one ounce of cocaine. In addition, this section of the Alexandria Virginia Drug Laws will require you a felony conviction of 5 to 40 years in prison. This section also requires a fine of up to $1 million along with a compulsory and minimal sentence of three years in the prison of Alexandria. Like the previous section, the section 18.2-250 provides policies legal actions related to the possession of controlled substances. Once an individual is found to have the controlled or prohibited substances, the section 18.2-250 applies. As per this section, you would be required to face a felony for the period of one year to 10 years in a prison. However, it depends on the discretion of the jury, if the case is resolved within 12 months.

We can help you to resolve your case within a minimal time and save your time and cost. Consequently, the section 18.2-251 can be enforced to those who have committed an offense of the possession of controlled substances. This section provides you a probation period, which means that if you commit the offense of drug possession for the first time, you can be freed by the court as per the discretion of the court. However, lack of knowledge related to this beneficial section can put you in a problem because court judge may not provide you the probation period. Therefore, in such cases, you can take the advantage of Alexandria Virginia Drug Laws by obtaining our services. We would defend your case as per the legal section, which you may not know.