Clarksville Reckless Driving Lawyer

Contrary to what many motorists in Clarksville believe, reckless driving is one of the most serious crimes in the state of Virginia. Under the Virginia Code, speeding more than 20 miles per hour or more than 80 miles per hour can result in reckless driving in all circumstances. This means that if convicted, the offence will remain on your criminal record for years to come. For those of us in Clarksdale, understanding the law and our rights means our ability to successfully confront reckless driving.

When faced with an indictment, turn immediately to an experienced, ruthless, driving defense attorney. This may sound scary at first, but by working with an experienced lawyer for reckless drivers from Clarksville, you have a better chance of dismissing or reducing your charges.

Most charges of reckless driving relate directly to speed. The code gives law enforcement authorities the power to levy charges in accordance with the speed limit, not the actual speed of the vehicle or driver.

Officers can impose a reckless driving suspension if they feel the driver is putting other motorists at risk. Virginia’s law also gives judges the power to reduce reckless driving bans. A Clarksville judge can reduce a charge of “reckless driving” to one of disorderly driving if it is punishable by a fine of $250 or more. However, improper driving is a traffic violation punishable by a maximum fine of up to $500, while reckless drivers in the misdemeanor class face a $100 fine and a year in jail.

If you behave like someone charged with reckless driving, it’s very possible that the charge will be reduced, according to the Clarksville Police Department.

Over time, witnesses can forget important details of reckless driving. In Clarksville courts, they call witnesses, but the laws on criminal and traffic offenses are enormous. While individual reckless driving charges cannot be dismissed, an experienced Clintonville “reckless driving advocate” could be able to reduce the penalty to a lesser charge.

Defending oneself in court requires a thorough knowledge of the legal system of the state. If a person chooses to represent himself in court, there is no guarantee that a judge will rule against him. The courts are often very busy, which means that the justices most likely will not have the time to help an individual understand the Tennessee legal system and the consequences of his actions. If you are currently facing a charge of reckless driving, please allow me to represent you as a Clarksville reckless driving advocate. Not only do I want to help my clients understand the burdens they face, but I also want to work to get the best result for them.