Driving Without Insurance in Richmond Virginia

In the state of Richmond Virginia, Insurance is a compulsory requirement for driving a motor vehicle on the highways. The drivers in Virginia are penalized for their careless act but are even rewarded in terms of positive points. Virginia is known for being the 6th strictest state within the United States, but the law enforcement authorities have claimed that this is to ensure road safety in Richmond Virginia. As per the code of Virginia section 46.2 – 707:

“46.2-706. Additional fee; proof of insurance required of applicants for registration of insured motor vehicles; verification of insurance; suspension of driver’s license, registration certificates, and license plates for certain violations. In addition to any other fees prescribed by law, every person registering an uninsured motor vehicle, as defined in 46.2-705, at the time of registering or reregistering the uninsured vehicle, shall pay a fee of $500; however, if the uninsured motor vehicle is being registered or reregistered for a period of less than a full year, the uninsured motor vehicle fee shall be prorated for the unexpired portion of the registration period. If the vehicle is a motor vehicle being registered or re-registered as provided in subsection B of 46.2-697, the fee shall be one-fourth of the annual uninsured motor vehicle fee for each quarter for which the vehicle is registered. If the owner of a motor vehicle registered under this article as an uninsured motor vehicle, during the period for which such vehicle is registered, obtains insurance coverage adequate to permit such vehicle’s registration as an insured motor vehicle and presents evidence satisfactory to the Commissioner of the existence of such insurance coverage, the Commissioner shall amend the Department’s records to show such vehicle to be registered as an insured motor vehicle and shall refund to the owner a prorated portion of the additional fee required by this section for registration of an uninsured motor vehicle. Such proration shall be on a monthly basis, except that no such refund shall be made (i) as to any registration during the last three months of its validity or (ii) on any portion of any such fee required to be paid resulting from a determination by the Department or any court that a vehicle was uninsured and no fee had been paid.”

What are the minimum coverage requirements for insurance according to the Richmond Virginia law?

The law enforcement authorities have given auto insurance priority as it is beneficial for the individuals and therefore it has to be purchased. The drivers have to abide by the Virginian law which states the minimum coverage as:

  1. Bodily injury of 1 individual: $25,000
  2. Death of 1 individual: $25,000
  3. Bodily injury of 2 individuals: $50,000
  4. Death of 2 individuals: $50,000
  5. Property damage: $20,000
  6. Uninsured motorist BI per person: $25,000
  7. Uninsured motorist BI per accident: $50,000
  8. Uninsured motorist PD per accident: $20,000

Penalties for driving without an insurance in Richmond Virginia

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) checks the insurance coverage from an electronic insurance verification program.

  1. The minimum fine is of $500 if you are found driving a vehicle without proper insurance
  2. And it would even result in loss of driving privileges and a suspension of your registration plates.
  3. Furthermore, you will be convicted of a Class 3 misdemeanor
    1. As for committing a class 3 misdemeanor you would be asked to surrender your license plate immediately
    2. Being punished for a class 3 misdemeanor charge in Virginia means your driver’s license and vehicle registration privileges are suspended
    3. a maximum fine of $500