Hanover Virginia Expungements Lawyers

Lawyers for Expungement in Hanover, Virginia

Laws related to expungement are extremely complicated and may be beyond the understanding of the layman especially a person arrested for the first time in life. This lack of knowledge may lose you the chance for expungement that you could you use. Therefore it becomes significant to consult a lawyer expert in dealing cases related to expungement.

Understanding Basics Laws of Expungement

Before you jump to any conclusion regarding any case it beneficial to have a basic knowledge of the related-laws. Though the because of the complex nature of laws related to expungement they are not easy to understand you can still have some fundamental knowledge. Hanover County follows the statutes set under the Code of Virginia § 19.2-392.2 for ‘Expungement of police and court records’. The Code § 19.2-392.2 states the litigation for expungement and its possible outcomes if the offenses stated under the  Title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia is convicted by the person. The criteria for expungement stated in this section are: if the ultimate result of the charge was actual innocence or ‘nolle prossequi’, accord & satisfaction and acquittal only then the charges can be expunged.

However, there are various other laws emphasizing the other factors involved in the expungement procedure. The Code § 18.2-186.5 states the conditions for approval of expungement related to the sealing of false identity information from court and police records. Whereas § 16.1-306 Code of Virginia deals with expungement of court records.

Varying Factors for Expungement:

In Hanover County, a well-fought case by the professional expungement lawyer may help you to expunge or seal charging documents, final disposition form, booking photo, police report and various lower level tickets from the public. But certainly, every case will be individual according to the factors behind that only a lawyer can understand. Such as, the laws are often not same for juvenile and adults. Moreover, the severity of the present crime done as first time offender also matters in addition to the previous charge.

Why it is Important to Consult an Expungement Lawyer in Hanover County, VA

The factors involving expungement proceeding varies drastically from person to person depending on the case. Being the first-time offender maybe you are already shocked and in distress. In such a situation a previous criminal conviction can weaken your case. Therefore the best thing to do is to consult an experienced expungement lawyer in Hanover, VA. Lawyers understand the varying laws of expungement and the legal effects it can have. It gives a person various benefits when applying for the job or renting an apartment. A professional expungement lawyer will inform you of your eligibility for expungement and the legal steps you can take to avail it. A bad legal representation of the case may cause you to lose expungement appeal. Our skilled expungement lawyers at SRIS Law Group are aggressive and have been handling such case for years releasing the stress of the clients.